Carving, freestyle in freeride skis. What is that?

Carving skis are skis with a certain side radius. Label R=14m on the skis stands for a circle with 14 meters radius that the ski draws in the snow if you put the ski with a 450 side angle on the snow and put a half weight of an average person on the ski and just push it forward. If skier is going slowly it doesn't have much effect but when the speed increases the ski does the turns with much less effort of a skier.

Freestyle skis are skis made for snow parks (jumps, big R, rails, half pipe,...). These skis are normally a bit wider than the carving skis and have curves on both sides (twin tips) so a skier can ski backwards. Those skis almost don't have a radius to be more precise on a jump table.

Freeride skis skis made for off piste skiing - powder. Very wide skis to prevent the skier to sink in the fresh snow and still light and strong enough to ski on icy surfaces or to jump over a 10 foot cliff.

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